LDB – a drum Midlet


LDB is a drumediting java midlet. That is you can run it on your phone (if your phone can run midlets). Most of LDB’s features are easily recognized from other similar programs and hardware drum machines. There are two different modes in LDB. Edit and Live. Editmode enables you to create yourdrumpatterns, and Live mode gives you an easy way to switch between them.

You can also upload your patterns (LDB can handle a few of these) to a webserver, from there you can download as a MIDI file and use your created patterns in some other program. (This is not entirely done at the moment of writing)

In Editmode the buttons have the following functions:

1: Raise tempo by one.     2: Pause/Play             3: Volume up 1.

4: Lower tempo by one     5: Change grid up.       6: Volume down 1.

7: Raise tempo by ten      8: Change grid down.    9: Volume up 10.

*: lower tempo by ten      0: Livemode               #: Volume down 10.

The arrow buttons navigate and the “fire” button enters a drum hit. The drumhits are enterd with the same volume as the last edited note.

in Live mode it’s even simpler 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 changes between your patterns in real time and 0 enters Editmode.

In both modes you can acces the menu.

Pressing one saves your creation on your phone. Exiting the application without doing this will maeke you loose your work FOREVER (or until you recreate it)

Upload (button number 2) uploads your patterns to a webserver (this is done in the background, most phones will give you an error if it fails and the phone will probably ask you if you want to let the application connect to the internets)

The user identifier menu choice is perhaps not as clear, but this is kinda important, entering something in the inputbox here will help you find your patterndata on the internetpage later on.

Please watch the youtube video for better information on how to use:


Download: LDB2.jar LDB2.jad

Download your Midified patterns here


The Midlet is free to use and play with (although i really like donations). Maybe I’ll charge for the web-based midi-conversion but I havent decided that yet.

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