I know I’ve been quite on the blog-front, sorry.

My graphics-savvy friend created graphics for me.  I intend to use them for another project, they where way too good for this. So I’ve created an icon and in-metronome graphics myself.

I’ve made a few updates to the Andriod version.
* Added a scrollbar
* Made it remember your BPM when switching screenmodes
* Changed the icon
* Signed it for publishing on android market.
* Almost made my G1 talk to my mac again…. almost.

For the iPhone version I’ve gotten all the things I need to test it on device, but both me and my friend that has an iPhone have been bisy on opposite times.  So no testing on device. I plan to make the same adjustments on the iPhone application as on the Android application though, tonight or tomorrow, so that when we’ve tested it on device all you have to do is to upload it to iTunes.

As for the j2me version, a little graphical updates, that is all that is left.

Oh yeah, one more bad thing with android developement. When signing appications you need the JDK, but everything else you can use the JSR for. 115MB additional download. Ohh, and the documentation on how to preserve data when changing screenmode (Android kills the program and start’s it again) was way to hard to find. And one last thing why do you have to press Ctrl-F11 to switch screenmodes in the emulator? Maybe that’s why so many program’s crash when you flip your keyboard out.

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