Eclipse-session 03a and 03b

I’ve tried to get the mac to accpet the android dev phone again. to no avail. Seems like one of the crashes made OS X blacklist the phone. I’ve must have spent 3 hours on this atleast. So short of reinstalling OS X I cant se any solution to that particular problem. And I’m not eager to reinstall the whole OS right now.

I’ve also tried Eclipse on my work-pc, just to se if it sucked as hard there. It did not! Perhaps I’m more tolerant to bad programs in a windows enviroment or the fact that I had a phone to debug on made the whole difference.

Programming-wise I’ve managed to get the vibrator to work as it should, the synchronisation between vibrator and UI will probably be hard or impossible to obtain. The vibrator API has 2 functions for starting the vibrator. The first one makes one able to call with a specified ms value of how long the vibrator should vibrate. This function does not work especially good if you want to call it regularly which is why I guess they have made the vibrate(pattern,loop) function.  This works a lot better (the vibrator doesent freak out) but it does not start right away, and when moving from portrait to landscape there is a distinct pause. Not something you would like to do live.

As for the graphics, seems like I have to create a custom view or widget to get it to update with any sort of reliability.

Soon there will be a video!

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