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About Shuriken

Ok, a lengthy page about then.

Shuriken is a ninja throwing weapon, often a star, wikipedia is much better explaining what it actually is then me.

Shuriken is also a very good name to use as a domain name, so I grabbed it. .se because well I'm Swedish and .com was already taken.

I was/am part of betabugs audio, but I wanted to do things a bit different, and also I wanted to earn some money on the plugs that I make.

I'm doing fun/strange/useful and glitchy/normal/stupid plugs, whatever I see fit and whatever is missing from my own personal arsenal of sonic weapons, hey! that might be a good reason for taking the shuriken name. "Shuriken, sonic weapons for the music ninja" thanx mate, made me create a slogan there. whooot whoooot. 


A very good posting I found at kvr:
Your posts are worthless drivel, devoid of any indication of intelligence, composed entirely of a barrage of infantile invective and spite.  They are a waste of time, effort, space, bandwidth and the nutrients expended during the process of transcribing them.  Every single comment is a petulant canker of crass malignancy and fatuousness.