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Another one made with the betabuggers, Lunch Money's idea from the start

Let's assume that you have a stereo track in which an acoustic guitar is the only instrument in the left channel, and a voice is the only signal in the right. If you pan all left, you might intuitively think that the singer will gradually be heard in the left channel. But with typical hardware and software panning solutions, this is not so!

Instead, the singer's voice is merely lowered until it cannot be heard at all. You may find yourself with a stereo track in which you want to hear all of the instruments or sounds, but simply want to change the entire track's relative stereo position.

Returning to the above example, if you use Fondleo to pan all left, the singer's voice will gradually blend into the left as it is faded out from the right. The end result: your entire stereo track ends in the left channel– guitar and voice.


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